Friday, January 13, 2017

Liv Twelve Months

Liv 12 Months Fun Facts:
I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. I am so happy to have Liv with us. We love her so much and enjoy seeing her grow. 

She practices her trust falls all the time even when its unsafe
 Liv arches her back and fights not having control
gives a little attitude but its cute. One day she was upset with me so she threw something on the ground and made her angry face. 
She says dada and muma and broh (for brother). She can also say whale and is very chatty
We also taught her to quack like a duck
Liv loves to read everything and she loves loves loves animals
She can shake head her head yes and no and seems to understand things
She is curious and nosy. Loves to sort through things and when she finds something to eat or something she wants opened she hands it to you.
She is learning to walk and loves it. She laughs and smiles and chats when you hold her hand to walk. And if you aren't helping her walk then she crawls to you and pulls on your hands or reaches for you and motions for you to pick her up and help her move along. It is super sweet. She isn't ready to go solo though. Whenever I try to just help her walk one handed or not at all she drops down to a crawl. She is very good at standing up from a sitting position.I take that back she can totally take a few steps at a time now. 
She loves real food. She is done with baby food. And she is weening herself. She isn't nursing as much so I started giving her whole milk in a sippy cup which she enjoys. She nurses like 3 times a day and sometimes sleeps through the night.
Liv is so sincere in her kisses and hugs. She doesn't snuggle much so when she does it means the world.
Has two front teeth in time for Christmas
She doesn't like to take long baths., She is in and plays for a minute then is out.
22 lbs
28.5 inches 
 Little did I know all I had to do to get her to lay still was give her a cup. LOL

Liv is like a cat and always tries to sit in boxes

These two are so sweet. Roan is so good at looking after her. 
BWAHAAHAHA I love tricking her when she is playing and putting this poop by her. 

This is her angry or frustrated face

Her first orange

She gets around by any means

She is starting not to take off her socks all the time as much

Real life
This dress is from Lars Step Mom. She gave us a box of wonderful family clothes. They are precious.

Making music.

We love you Lady Liv

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