Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Eleven Months

Liv 11 Month Fun Facts
She LOVES to dance
So strong and determined in everything she does
Doesn't like to be left behind
Such a happy girl!!
Crawls with force and determination
expressed frustration when something is taken away, especially by her brother
Knows how to find people
Can go up stairs and working on going down
Such a silly girl. Loves to play and pretend to fall down. I call it her trust fall game. 

Can repeat everything we say and do. says Mom and mama, and BOO, and thank you. plays this game where she hands you things and then takes them back and says Thank you in her baby babble language.
shakes head no and can nod her head. Something she does a lot when we are talking to Roan.
Liv will only eat people food now, when we start to eat she looks at it and tries to grab at it. points at food she wants. She is really easy to communicate with.
clever girl!
open and close doors and cupboards and loves to pull stuff out of things
claps and can wave goodbye
all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth. They are coming in.
She isn't as aggressive with nursing anymore. If fact she is super nice to me and just does her business and then goes and plays. I can feel her teeth every now and again.
When she is ready to sleep she eats for a bit then goes to sleep on her own. I love it!

As for me. I am doing really well. I am pretty honest about my emotions and still wacky here and there but Lars helps me through stuff when I try and bottle up my emotions. Hormones are crazy and the mind is a delicate thing. 

Oh my goodness she is always taking off her socks. I really only have her wear them when we go outside. I out her in tights a few times and they rock.

She has trouble crawling in her dresses so she improvises

She has this crazy nail thing going on. I think it got bruised or something and it is growing a new nail bed. 

A fun comparison pic of Liv and her Grandmother Bev Barlow. 

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