Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Nine Months

Liv is 9 Months Old

Time is seriously flying by. Here are some Liv fun facts:
She aays nananananana, oooooooooo, and rrrrrrrrrrrr
She is rolling and crawling everywhere fast.
She started crawling for real around the 3rd week of the month, at first it was a few crawls then she would return to her worm mode. She would crawl when she has no where to be but when she means business she worms. Now it is all about the crawl!!
Liv is a very very busy baby and into everything!!!!!
We for the most part let her roam free in our front room and hallway. We have gated off the stairs and closed the bathroom door. One day I was in the kitchen which the front room leads too, and I went to check on her but could not find her. She had crawled in between the couch and our corner chair. There was some cool stuff she was trying to discover.
She has a bottom tooth in and one more on the way. All in all she is an okay teether. Don't get me wrong, it sucks but it is mild. She is fussy and wakes up a bunch for it but is nice to go back to sleep easily after some advil, cuddling, and a snack. She did however go on a nursing strike one evening because her mouth hurt so bad. It was tough getting her to sleep but Dad saved the day. 
Liv loves to try and stand and climb things. Like a baby work out or something . Occassionally she does it without any hands. 
She is into kicking her legs when sitting down all the time or being picked up
She points at things and tries to feel with her pointer finger.
She loves anything with music and she loves to make music by rubbing two objects together.
Liv threw up for the first time this month. Roan had the stomach flu and shared it with her. Thankfully she only threw up once. It was in her bed and it was all over her and her bed. Kind of adorable in a weird way.  
Roan is learning to get a long with a sister that moves and is into everything. One day when we were all playing he asked to "put her away," because she was touching his markers and they were special. I laughed really hard at that one. We are working on both of them learning to play near or with each other. For the most part she will just watch him but when she wants to get involved he doesn't like it. But he loves to play with her toys, just not when she tries to play with some of this project. He is a good big brother and learning new methods of distractions for her and learning when it is okay to share and when it is okay to play alone.

As for me I am doing really well. I have been working on researching methods to use to deal with anxiety when I ween off Zoloft. I have been reading this book called, Presence over Perfect and it has been awesome. So far I have felt more relaxed about certain things I would otherwise get worked up about. Phew. Its a work in progress and will be forever I am sure. 

Man I love this girl more and more. At first I wasn't sure how much she liked me. I know that sounds strange but I was food to her and it didn't feel like much more. She isn't much into cuddling or anything. Though I was madly in love with her. She really took to Lars like that. But over time we have gotten to know each other and we love each other so much, more than just for food. She is the best and brightens up my life so much. She just fits right into our little family.
20 lbs
27.5 Inches
80th percentile
Notice the tears. Yup, real life mean Mom who wanted to take a pic of her baby. She is mostly sad because I wouldn't let her move and fall off the chair. 

Smile through the tears

This has been a thing lately. When she nurses she is grabbing at my face or hair and she is doing a dance on my chest with her feet. 

Crawling everywhere
Her ooooh duck lips

Her first pony tail!!!!!!
BTW we lowered the crib after this pic was taken

I love that she is starting to sleep with her bum in the air. 

Junk in the trunk while jamming at the piano ;)

A fun Roan throw in pic

Some pjs she has are on the bigger side so when she crawls in them she ends up turning into a mermaid. LOL

I love all her faces

Blue eyes

Scoping out what everyone else is up to
Look behind you :)

Love pulling this chair around. LOL
When I am still hungry I eat my foot. LOL

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