Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Four Months

Liv 4 Month Fun Facts:
 I sent this email to myself so I would have a record of  Liv's first real laugh
"Like a really good long and big laugh when I blew on her tummy thighs and tickled her thighs 4-2-16 7:48 pm"
Lars can get her to full on laugh when he pushes on her tummy with his head. It is awesome.
Liv had a big growth spurt and went on a feeding frenzy getting up twice at night versus her usual once.
She doesn't like to rough has. We try and play games with her like rolling or pretend toss in the air and at first it is cool but very quickly she doesn't like it. 

She is AMAZING at tummy time. The longest she has played on her tummy at one time has been 20 mins. 
She is starting to grab and hold onto stuff.
She will always try and find Roan in the room first.
She no longer needs to be swaddled at night, in fact when I started to keep her unswaddled she started giving me longer stretches at night. 
She can still flip over from tummy to back and she is getting close to flipping over from back to tummy.
She loves to know someone is in the room with her. She doesn't always need to be entertained but she loves to know you are there. If you aren't there she will let you know that it is not okay. She will whine and stare you down. 
She is started to get distracted when I nurse her.  I caught her eye once and she smiled. I loved it but I want her to eat so I feel better. 
She is a really good listener. I will talk to her about everything and she always shares her opinion at the end. 
She loves being sung too especially if the songs are silly and made up. Something Lars is super amazing at!

A little update on me. I was seeing a therapist who encouraged me to try antidepressants. I was resistant at first. There is nothing wrong with going on medication I was just nervous about still being able to control my emotions and not turning into a robot. But I also know that my PPD isn't the real me, it is just a stupid chemical imbalance. For weeks I prayed and pondered about it. I spoke with many friends regarding it too. Then I had some very very bad days!! I decided I should at least try it. I have been on Zoloft (safe for baby) for a few weeks and it has been really REALLY good. I can still think and feel for myself. It is almost like a fog in my mind has been lifted and I am able to react to emotions and situations in a more real "Stephanie like" manner. I am able to be more patient with myself and with Roan. I decided that I needed to try medication so I would try to be at my best for myself and my family. Things have greatly improved. Thankfully the symptoms from being on this medication are extremely minor. I still get sad and stuff but I am able to handling things way better. I had PPD with Roan and when I stopped nursing PPD fizzed away. My plan is to stay on medication until I am done nursing Liv then ween my way off it. I am grateful for all the love and support from dear friends and family as I have worked through PPD. It is seriously one of the toughest things to deal with when becoming a Mother. I know I am not alone, I know I am loved. It is just a season I am currently in and I am grateful I have found some options to help me balance the crazy in it. 
Liv is 16.8 lbs (90%)
24 inches long (20%)

Enjoy pics from this month.

She loves sticking her bum in the air during tummy time

I am sad because she is starting to lose some of her baby hair in the back. I want to cut some off to keep it but I am scared to mess with her hair too much. Roan had locks for days but her hair is slowing being replaced with light blonde hair. 

She sleeps anywhere anyway at church

I love how she opens her mouth to express herself.
Playing is so exhausting
grabbing onto things

Full moon tonight ;)

We have our moments!

Curled up. I love it!!

So peaceful

Love her tiny hands and feet

She is often striking this pose. LOL

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