Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv One Month

Liv is One Month Old
One the left is Liv just a day old and then on the right is her face at 4 weeks
Here is Liv in her first ever Sunday dress. 
Here are Liv's stats
8.5 lbs at 21 inches long
She is a very good baby, actually a very serious baby. She is sweet and nice and content as long as she is fed and has a clean diaper. She eats nonstop from 6-10 ish but she only wakes up once, sometimes twice, each night. With each passing day she is getting more and more alert throughout the day. She loves to stare at ceiling fans. :) 

Big brother loves her very much and is always trying to hug and kiss her even when she is asleep and especially when other people are around. He is sure to indicate that he is the big brother. 

As for me I am tired a lot these days. Physically I am healing up wonderfully. Emotionally...well we just take it one day at a time. 
The remainder of the pics start at 4 weeks old and progress to newborn

1st date with Rad

I am in love with her hair and her cowlick

Sleepy smiles

I love this one because her face looks silly

Plants sent to me by my coworkers

When Roan holds her he says she is very heavy


She is amazing and just so precious

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