Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Five Months

Liv 5 Month Old Fun Facts:
She loves her play mat. She has some fun toys hanging there that she wrestles with. Her favorite is her lion hanging toy and lion pillow pet
She is so loud right before bed as if she is announcing to the world that she is ready to be put to bed...or else.
Speaking of sleeping. She went from waking up once at night to 4 times a night then down to being up twice a night.
Liv can sit up on her own with little to no assistance.
She does sit ups and has strong neck and abs. Seriously she is an athelete in training
Liv loves playing with her tongue nonstop and it is really long tongue like KISS singer.
Big brother loves to use her as a tool in his game. She has been a mountain that monster trucks can drive over and she has been a building that a train drives around.
Roan is such a tease. One day he flipped her from back to tummy then back again then he came and told me what happened. I got so excited. Seconds later he said she did it again. I caught on to his game and soon caught him in the act. Silly boy.
Sometimes Liv will cough for attention
She loves to try and grab things
Liv is starting to show an interest in eating
She is super adorable at grabbing her toes
Liv had her first cold in her eye. I thought it was pink eye thnakfully it wasn't. Her eye was just droopy for a few days. Of course she acted like nothing was ever wrong. 
I am a little sad because she is losing all of her dark hair. She is getting some very blonde hair coming it but its no longer dark like mine. Still so soft and beautiful.

As for me, just plugging a long. Still good and bad days but its manageable. I feel more me and feel like I am more involved in the kids and life in general. 

18 lbs and 26 inches long

oh that smile
She isn't much of a cuddler so I take it when I c an get it. 

She loves jumping up and down and does so on her tippy toes. Maybe she will be a dancer.

First time in a cart.

Baby fold n' go

Blonde hair coming in and dark hair going out

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