Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Two Months

Liv is 2 months

(In this pic she is watching Roan share a story, I love the look on her face)

12 lbs and is in the 75th percentile
22 inches long and is in the 25th percentile
BMI overall she is in the 95th percentile

She started to smile and coo laugh. Her first smiles and laughs were for Lars only. It is so sweet the bond she has with her father. Now when she smiles she has to smile and then move her head back and forth. It is super cute. She is still pretty serious at times. And she has a sassy side. One day I didn't get to quick enough to feed her and she was frustrated but before she ate she had to give me a piece of her mind. Oh and she will not take a binky at all. Which frankly I am okay with. She is the most happiest and interactive in the mornings and when I get home from work. 
Liv is a really good sleeper and burpper. She actually let me sleep through the night once. She loves to stare at parts of the ceiling and the lights. She is a good listener too.  She loves it when people talk to her. Holy cow can this girl fart and they are the worst smelling farts ever. She only poops every 5-7 days and when she does poop it is the mother load of a blow out. On the poop day of the week she usually will poop 2-3 times and need her clothes changed at least twice. 

Big brother is still getting adjusted. He loves her a lot and gets too excited sometimes but is learning safe boundaries. Roan is a good helper and very nurturing to everyone in the family. Lars was recovering from some surgery and Roan helped keep him tucked in a blanket when he was resting on the couch. When Liv got her shots Roan offered to take the shots for her so she wouldn't have to cry. I asked him if he would give her his kidney and he asked where it was so he could give it to her. My heart melted and the unconditional love he has for her. 

I am doing really well. I think the worst for me emotionally was the first few weeks. Since then my sadness has been on and off. I am able to recognize it better than I did with Roan. This helps me to realize it as just hormones and to ride them out and move on. I went back to work when she was 6 weeks old. It was hard because she was starting to be fun and interactive. But it is what it is and I am really doing pretty good. The hardest part of this, besides being away from the kids, is learning how to talk to other adults again. My mind is so jumbled at times I feel like the words that come out are crazy and studdery. I am doing my best though. 

Lars has been at home with both kids during his paternity leave. He is a rock star. He knows her schedule inside and out. He is enjoying his time off with the kids and has managed to find time to write and cook while caring for the kids. But he is always happy when I come home. 

We love our little lady Liv. Please enjoy some of this months pics
My best friend Rebecca came to play for a few days over my birthday. It was awesome!
Provo City Temple Tour

Cute legs

Can't get enough of her hair and neither can anyone else. It is the first thing people notice. 

Like I said earlier...very poopy

Cute little feet
Tummy time buddies

cute little bum

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