Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Ten Months

Liv Fun Facts @ 10 Months:

She has a lot of personality in her chuckle and cry. I can seriously hear her yelling and being upset when she cries. And her chuckle is hilarious. She has a chuckle for everything. A surprise chuckle, a "I'm going to get away with this" chuckle, a "hurry I am getting hungry" chuckle, and a "I love watching you chuckle".

She pulls up on everything and we seriously have to watch her closely because some things she tries to climb up on are not stable at all. She will scale a wall if we let her. She lifts her head to the sky when she gets all the way standing up too. Almost like she is celebrating her conquering.

She get frustrated when we take something from her even if it is for her own good.

Liv is learning to climb stairs.

Loves to start a chase game with Lars. She starts to crawl really fast then looks back at Lars and giggles. He chases her and she laughs and moves so fast.

She is starting to have some separation anxiety from her parents, especially Mom.

She loves to chime in when things are happening. It is super cute.

starting to grab things and eat them better

loves to be with people. She is always following us around the house. 

If you open a fridge you better watch out because she sprints to any open doors or cupboards, super curious girl!!!

She can plays peek a boo by herself

loves to laugh and scream really loud
 follows everyone around the house
rubs back of wrists together when being shy
loves to get peoples attention

plays give and get and says thank you and this

Helping Dad teach a class

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