Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Seven Months

Liv 7 Month Fun Facts
Sometimes Liv is super loud and screams and talks and shares her feelings.
Liv is tucking in knees and rocking a lot. Might be time to crawl soon.
She gets around by rolling around.
When she is on her tummy she scoots back and almost forward from her planking
her skin is super soft skin. I love it!
We love her little personality. She has a sense of humor at times but does let us know if she is frustrated. One time we woke up and she kept staring at me like she had a secret. Then when I went to change her diaper she had a ton of poop in there. She smiled and giggled at me like she was saying, SURPRISE!!!. It was so silly. She loves to play with Lars and tease him. She has a special bond with Roan as well. He can make her smile and laugh more than anyone else. She likes my silliness and the faces I make at her and she loves me because I am food for her, LOL
Her hair isn't sticking up anymore, It does for a day after her bath but then it goes flat.

Being a parent is fun but really hard at times. I know it is all worth it and some days I feel like I totally rock it. Other days I am exhausted. It is the little things that keep me going. 
1935 lbs
27 inches long

Her cry face

Favorite toy was an empty oatmeal can. LOL

oh these long and curly eye lashes

Love those lips

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