Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Three Months

 @ 3 Months Liv is 15 lbs and 26 inches tall 
(The same as Roan was @ 3 months)
Current Fun Facts:
Liv can floip over from her tummy to her back during tummy time. 
She loves to smile especially in the morning. 
She has gas and her farts are seriously super loud. 
Liv loves to talk and gab your ear off with coos and ahhhhhs and some giggles.
From birth til now she has progressed from goat noises, to cat, to puppy, to dolphin, and now to baby.
Seriously she is a talker and a really big morning person. Loves to talk talk talk and smile smile smile in the early hours but by evening she is pretty serious.
Liv still won't take a binky but she loves to chew on her fist. She can get three knuckles in her mouth which has evolved into thumb sucking. She will also suck her bottom lip into her mouth. 
She loves to stick out her tongue and play with it.
She adores her big brother and is always watching him. She also loves to play with her Dad. 
She started Daycare this month and has been doing really well. She is such a good baby. 
Seriously really good. I feel lucky to have two fairly mannered babies.

Roan is doing really good being a big brother. Still wild at times but things have improved now that both kids are in daycare and we are sort of getting a routine down.

As for me, well PPD has settled in. I have had some really scary and bad days. But I promised myself that this time around I was going to get help as soon the signs were there. I started seeing a therapist and we are working through some stuff and I am considering my options. So for now still one day at a time. 

Enjoy a slew of this months pics

The show collection has begun

Love how to balls up sometimes

Happy Easter LOL

Super good at tummy time

Viking Lady

I love these two. I hope their friendship continues to blossom.

Blue Steele

Yup we have moments like these often

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