Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Six Months

Liv 6 month fun facts:
Liv is grabbing at everything and loves pulling Roans feet and hair. LOL
She can sit up on her own for long time
Liv is a rock start at planking
She seriously wiggles all over the place
Ugh she is becoming an expert at arching her back whenever she wants out of anything. 
She has been fussy maybe from teething
This might be from her fussy clinginess but she doesn't want you to leave the same room she is in so she cries and squeals at you when you walk away even if she is in the middle of playing.

First time eating solids Saturday June 4th. We gave her cereal but then she lost interest in opening her mouth to eat so we introduced peas and she loves it and will open her mouth wide now.
Liv can flip over from back to front and front to back all by herself without Roan. LOL
She can also dive from sitting to her tummy.
says Da Da Da and La La La
Liv is sometimes a challenge to nurse. She is easily distracted and kind of inconsiderate when she detaches. We are working on it but she is really strong headed at doing what she wants. Her personality is starting to really show itself.

I am doing well. I set some goals regarding my emotions. I eventually want to stop taking medication so I am working on how various coping skills. Granted I think once I stop nursing my hormones will balance out, hopefully. But its okay to be prepared. 
18.5 lbs
26 inches long

This is her thinking face

Full moon tonight

Liv can play Chutes and Ladders with us. She has won twice so far. 

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