Saturday, December 31, 2016

Liv Eight Months

Liv 8 Month Fun Facts:
Liv is now rolling over in the middle of the night.
She LOVES playing with other peoples hair. In fact she will grab at anything in front of her.
She loves saying dadadadada and towards the end of the month starting saying mamamama
I think she has been teething for reals but no droll and no teeth so far and she sure is sensitive.
She had her first real cold. Snot nose and all.
Liv loves peek a boo
She is so close to crawling we had to put up baby gate super mobile and will do the worm and chase Roan and us around.
She has to be involved in everything
She has frustrated face which is adorable. It is like a double chin face.
Liv loves pointing with one finger.
She is often found studying things and trying to figure them out.
She watches everyone very closely. She loves watching Lars pour soda in a glass. It is hilarious.
She runs a little motor boat mouth.
She is goofy and funny when she is tired but also sensitive.

I am doing really good. The summer was busy and made me face some things in my brain but it is good and strengthening. Parenting really makes one vulnerable but stronger too. 

20 lbs and 28 (but really 27 inches it was our guessament)

Its hard to get her to look up at me when she is laying down because all she wants to do is roll over and touch everything around her. 

She is a good little eater. She loves fruit and chicken but not peas so much. 

So giggly

1st bow ever!!!
This was her snot bubble from her cold

So many funny faces
I cherish these moments since she isn't much for cuddling. 

Eat your Math

Always playing with her tongue

Cutest bum ever!!!!

Love these two

Roan took this pic above
She has a birth mark that looks like a sea turtle

THIS is her angry/frustrated face. LOL

Like my new trick

I love bath time

Upside down baby!!!!

She loves to grab Roans head and hair and he loves letting her. 

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