Monday, March 18, 2013

Attack of the Girls

We had a family party on Sunday to celebrate my Dad's birthday. 
Shout to you Dad. You are an super awesome Dad and an even cooler Grandpa. 
After this weekend Roan is walking a lot better. 
He played with his cousins and even had to run from one of them. 
Roan has a cousin,  Miranda, who is a few months older than him. Even though she is older she smaller and lighter in size compared to Roan. But she has a lot more gusto than him. Miranda loves to sit on peoples lap no matter their size. She made Roan her muse and took every opportunity to sit on his lap and show her affection for him in more that one way. 
 At one point in the evening she ran to him and plowed him over to the ground and gave him a big hug and kiss. He became afraid of her from then on. Anytime she was within inches of him he got this distressed look on his face and started to whine.  
Poor Roan. I am sure they will be better friends as they get older.  
 Roan playing with some friends. He must think girls are nothing but crazy.  
Love these two so much. 


  1. What great pics isn't it great when they start to walk and watching them run is just so adorable

  2. Roan looks like he's enjoying himself. I miss that cutie!


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