Monday, March 25, 2013

Toddler's Fracture Take 2

 Here is Roan at about 5:30 pm Saturday night. 

 Here is Roan at 8:30 pm Saturday night

What can you learn from the two pictures is that accidents happen in split seconds. 

He was prancing around in his cute new pajamas that Aunt Lori gave him and pretending to brush his hair. A while later he decided to play with a jump rope and drag it around. Mom and Dad were playing near by on their own projects. Moments after he and the jump rope were having fun he got a little tangled up and fell over and cried out in pain while holding onto his leg, the one that had the toddler fracture just 2 weeks ago. 

We calmed him down. However he after further examination we decided to take him to the urgent care as he would not walk on said leg and he flinched to the touch. 

I felt like a "Frequent Club Member" when the nurse remembered me from a visit for myself just a week ago.

 An x-ray confirmed that the same leg was fractured in the same spot but a little worse. The doctor had no trouble seeing the fracture, unlike last time with our pediatrician. Good thing is that the fracture is in the middle of the bone and not penetrating the edge. It looks to me like he is growing too fast for his bones. We put the same splint on him but this time with better instructions to leave it on him for 3 weeks and then to return for another x-ray. Last time the instructions were very fluid (probably because they did not confirm a solid fracture on the x-ray) and we figured he was healed up enough since he was walking around and starting to run. Now Roan and I are on the same recovery schedule and will have an x-ray party. He is doing a lot better with the splint this time around. Poor Lars has to deal with 2 cripples. :(

Parent Achievement Unlocked
3 Urgent Care visits
2 for Roan
1 for Mommy
All in 1 Month
Thank goodness for insurance.

Our pediatricians office was closed for mine and Roan's visit so we went to an urgent care affiliated with our insurance and were only charged a regular doctors visit. PHEW!

On top of all this Roan started fighting a little bug. He puked on Sunday night and has been really lethargic and warm. We are watching him closely and will run him to the doctors if that doesn't improve. 
He has been extra extra cuddly and nuzzley...
...and still so cute.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery for everyone! Thanks for the prayers and love!

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