Thursday, March 7, 2013

Set Backs


I have been really good at working out without any injury during this training. I have even been pushing myself to work out harder and longer to build up some more endurance and it has been tough but fun. I used to get a cold every time I started to work out and for the most part I have been mostly healthy. Even when I had a little cold I still worked out just not as hard. 

Last week I jogged without my workout buddy and I did everything we usually do together so I could practice and keep up with her. I am going at my own pace but I want to increase that pace. Tuesday I walked up a big hill with the same workout buddy that kicks my butt because her walking is more like a jog or an intense speed walk. It was intense and I was tired but felt my butt muscles get stronger. Yesterday I wanted to jog so we went on a straight path for 3 miles and walked the first half and jogged the last half. My left shin was ache in the beginning and during the last part the acheness moved to my ankle. I stretched afterwards and all that and thought nothing of it. But an hour later I could barely walk on my left foot. Well turns out I sprained my ankle. Which sucks because I was on such a good streak and am super motivated. I am doing the R.I.C.E stuff and will not go jogging for a few days. As soon as I am able to walk without a limp then I will restart my training slowly with some light walking. I don't want to let this get me down and off the bandwagon but I don't want to cause further injury. 

I guess I am just frustrated because I am jogging 3 days a week and I was hoping to increase it to 4. I hate getting old and having my body fall apart. I know it could be worse and I am sure it will be better in no time I just hate set backs and hope I can go back to the jam I was on. 

As far as an eating update I like donuts and shouldn't be around them because bad things happen. Besides that I am doing good with eating fruits and veggies. Working on not eating bad stuff. I usually have a 1-2 bad days a week and that is okay sometimes.  

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  1. Injuries are so frustrating. But it sounds like a minor sprain, so that's good. Hope you get back on both feet in no time!


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