Thursday, March 7, 2013


Roan seizes to amaze me. I worry a lot naturally as a woman but as a mother my worrying is non-stop. AM I smothering him or ignoring him too much? Is he learning? Is he going to develop right? Is he eating enough? Is he eating enough of the right foods? What could I have done better or different? etc. etc. etc. It was said that worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere. 

One lesson I keep relearning with Roan's development is that he does things when "HE" is ready to do them or how "HE" wants them to be done. When he crawled he would sometimes crawl up the stairs but then when he started walking he suddenly became afraid of the stairs. He would walk up to them and then get frustrated because he couldn't lift his feet high enough to the next step. I tried working with him on crawling up them like he used to but he wouldn't have it. Weeks went by and one evening I started to worry about it. (I realize most of what I worry about isn't worth worrying but nonetheless the thoughts process). I worried that he would never climb stairs. I worried if that meant something was wrong. I worried that I carried him around too much. 

The evening went on and the worrying took a back burner while we enjoyed playing together as a family. Then, as if Roan knew what I had been thinking earlier, he approached the stairs and walked up them like he knew how to do it all along. He put my mind at ease. Silly kid. He will only do something if it is done how he intended to do it all along. When he figured it out, he did it and he was happy. We still need to learn how to safely go down the stairs and he still needs back up going up the stairs. But he does it and loves it and I worried over nothing. Now the new game is, "Watch me go up the stairs, cheer at the top, get help going down the stairs...and repeat."

What a personality he has. I love watching it blossom.  I hope I will worry less and just let things happen.

Leaning against the wall like he is something cool...and he is.


  1. I think all that worrying makes you...normal.

  2. I agree with Karen. I worry about stuff too. Aaron usually calms me down pretty fast about things:-)


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