Friday, March 15, 2013

Road to Recovery

The road to recovery sucks. I have ZERO patience for waiting for my body to heal. None! Zip! Nada! I took it easy on the weekend and kept my ankle wrapped. I did go on a walk on Sunday to test the water. Monday I took a stroll during lunch and Tuesday I was feeling pretty good. I wasn't limping anymore but there was still some discomfort. Not wanting to get too set back on my fitness goals I decided it would be okay to do some walking with my workout buddy. She was cool about going at a slower pace and stuff. We also walked on Wednesday and then Thursday I didn't walk but instead went to a park and did some exercises from my app.

It sucked so much and my ankle is back to hurting and limping again. It was a terrible idea. I should have taken the week off. I was too scared to do that because I didn't want to get stiff or fall off the bandwagon. GRRRRR. I hate waiting for things to heal. I try not to think about it anymore because it only makes me mad and then that makes me think my ankle is worse than it is. I need to have positive thoughts and then maybe it WILL actually heal or at least my brain will tell me it is. Positive thinking=positive outcome! Right now it is wrapped again and on ice. I will keep it wrapped for as long as I need too and continue the taking advil. Instead of walking I am going to focus on my upper body. I think I need to do better about mixing it up anyway.

I hate running for this reason, you get hurt and then you are down from everything it seems. I need to find new ways to exercise like zumba, dance, or biking. I have always preferred biking. Not hard core cycling, just biking. Maybe we can buy one soon. I had an awesome bike years back but we gave it away when we moved to CA because we had no place to store it. I wish we kept it. Lars said it wasn't that good of a bike but to me it is better than nothing. Anyway, I still want to reach my goals and not let this set back be a "set back" or get me down. I guess it has been a weird week emotionally and I feel like my game is off because of all this. I love to exercise and need to to stay balanced or my mojo is all wacky. Plus the weather has been amazing this week and I want to be out and apart of it. It seriously was in the 70s or something. I almost turned on my a/c in the car and I have been wearing a jacket or nothing at all. Big thing in Utah when that happens. Everyone and their Mom's Dog's Cousin is outside playing. Love spring time.

I am 6 weeks away from the 5K. Before I got hurt I was able to jog 1.5 miles without stopping and then speed walk the rest of the 1.5 miles. I feel confident that if I have the patience to let my body heal then I will get back on track and be ready. I want to have fun with this and build up enough strength and endurance so I won't die after the 5K is over. I have also been looking into other mud run events, like the Dirty Dash, its 5 miles. I might sign up for that just to keep things going but we will see. Or maybe when we settle down somewhere I can form a workout group with a bunch of crazy ladies. Who the heck knows!?!

As far as eating this week has been amazing. I haven't had any sweets with the exception of 1 donut from Donuts Wednesday at work and a small slice a pie yesterday. I have had a ton of fruits and veggies and yummy salads and the most amazing homemade turkey cranberry sandwich with sprouts. YUM! At least I have that going for me. Which is saying a lot because when I get moody I drown my sorrows in cookies and crap.

As far as Roan's recovery we took his splint off yesterday, it stank so bad. We feel like his leg has healed. He just needs to get used to using it again and gain some confidence. He is crawling and will stand when he is not thinking about it. He will gimp around too. But when he is playing he will balance or put all his weight on that leg to grab a toy. Knowing him he will just doing when he is ready and has it all figured out. We aren't going to push him. Come Monday if he is still struggling we will go visit the doctor.

I feel like these days I only blog about fitness, Roan, and food. I am have been working on a childhood blog for the last month, it should be done soon. I have a few other blogs in mind too. We have a few semi-exciting things going on in our lives as of late. But you will just have to wait until I blog about it next time. Oh and lately, I have been listening to these guys and this and loving both. Have a nice weekend folks.

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