Monday, March 18, 2013

Extra Long Road to Recovery

Over the weekend we had a double date. At the date one of our friends told me about how his broken ankle was misdiagnosed as a sprain and many years later he still has trouble with it. This freaked me out as my ankle area is still in a lot of pain. For a peace of mind I decided to go have it looked at. I am glad and sad that I did this. Before I went into the doctors office I prayed that nothing serious would be wrong and if something was wrong then I would have the strength to overcome it emotionally and physically.

I have worked out in the past and have set physical goals but for some reason this goal of running in the 5K means more than those goals ever did. Mabye it is because I rely on these workouts to keep my depression in check. Maybe it is because I love working out and sometimes get a rush. Maybe it is because I am trying to stay in control of my body by eating healthy and exercising and that makes me feel super awesome.

I decided right then and there, in the parking lot of the after hours medical office, that no matter what the outcome, I was going to be positive and work through what may come with a smile on my face. I knew it could be so easy to be sad and grumpy about it. Pitty parties are effortless but I am so tired of losing it over things. I am tired of crumbling with the slightest pressure. I know depression is a process but I miss the old me when I was a like water off a duck. I need to prove to myself that I am on the upside of this. I figured that now was a good time to try and let the old me shine through.

I limped into the doctors and walked out with a boot, crutches, a doctor's note, and an x-ray picture of two, not one, two stress fractures in my fibula. We believe the fracture was caused by excessive vibration while wearing bad shoes and running on cement. Doctor said that I need to rest, stay off my foot for 4-6 weeks. I need to use the crutches until I can bear weight on my foot and not feel any pain. Together we looked at a calendar and he didn't seem to think there shouldn't be any reason for me not to at least walk in the 5K as long as I was let myself heal until then. He told me to return in 4 weeks for a follow up. I am determined to walk into the doctors office in 4 weeks and then cartwheel out. :) When I got to my car I cried  then sang an upbeat song to myself.

That is the sad part. Here are the perks and positives.

1) I have been getting a lot of down time. Lars and my family are a huge help when it comes to carrying Roan and getting things for me. I still play with Roan on the floor and can limp around, though I try and avoid that. I rested so much over the weekend and caught up on some tv shows when Roan was sleeping instead doing busy body work around the house. It was fun.

2) This boot is like an Air Jordan pump. I get to pump it up. Sometimes I deflate it just to pump it up again while chanting the Rocky theme song.

3) I am getting my chef on and looking for more crock pot recipes. For the next little while they will be easier to handle. I love food and finding new recipes can be super fun.

4) I am still going to work out. I will focus on my abs and upper body. I am also still going to count calories and eat good. I don't want things to stop just because my leg needs a break, ha ha no pun intended there. LOL I crack myself up. Again no pun intended. :) I will conquer this challenge and rock hard at my 5K. Heck in the mean time maybe I will find a crutches race to join.


  1. Yikes Stephanie! Sounds like you and Roan have had some bad luck! Treat yourself well and get better soon!

  2. I love your attitude, darlin! Sorry this happened to you. It never comes at the right time, does it? But good luck on the recovery and make sure you follow your doctor's instructions to the letter. He knows what he's talking about!


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