Friday, September 6, 2013

10 Year Celebration

10 Years Ago this crazy couple got married
We celebrated a few weekends ago via a fun getaway with just the two of us to a small resort town in Idaho called, Lava Hot Springs.
 This town is quaint and fun. They have a river you can tube down, natural hot springs you can soak in, small hippy earthy stores, and a handful of restaurants. This place is so small, main street was about 1/4 of a mile. 
(One family reunion we went down this river and nearly died because we went down on a 5 person tube on the rocky left side of the fall instead of the smooth and safe right side.)
Wouldn't you know that we left our swimsuits at home on accident so we occupied ourselves with other fun things like napping, walking, soda drinking, touring, talking, and just having fun together. 
We also ate...a lot of good food.  
 This place has square ice cream, it really is hip to be square. We also had THE best pizza ever at this place called Royal's Pizza. All ingredients were handmade and they were beyond amazing.  
 In the town next to Lava, which is called Soda Springs, they have a Geiser and a historic hotel with a fabulous museum. 
At this cool place we found a spring and you can drink the water. It is naturally carbonated and was nasty,  but we had some crystal light with us so we made our own soda drink. It was GOOD!
It was so nice to get away. We both missed Roan and were so happy to be reunited with afterwards. 
It is so crazy to think we have been married 10 years. Not that we made it that long, but that we are getting older. I love Lars more than words could ever express. So happy I have him as my eternal companion.

I got married before most photographers went digital so here are some scans of a few of my favorite wedding pictures. Someday I will scan the negatives in to get a better quality pic. But in the mean time enjoy these. 

We didn't have line, I am anti wedding line, this was just the wedding party for the picture

 Yes I did spray him with whipping cream after we cut the cake. My Aunt was appalled but we are in the entertainment business. :)

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