Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Do I Have

UGH. I am so sorry for all these crazy...emotional...downer...upper posts as of late. I am just going through some things these past few weeks that I haven't had to deal with for a while and it is really putting me through the wringer. Today was another rough day overall. I went to bed last night with a nasty sore throat and woke up this morning with a head cold. I still went to work because let's be honest, it is really lame to take a sick day when you are working the 2nd shift, especially when things are slow enough to surf the net, hence this blog post. While surfing and sulking in my blah state I read this friend's post and then this. It got me thinking that lately, and today especially, I have been having a huge pitty party and focusing on what I don't have going for me right now. And yes I started to compare myself to a few folks in my life which only magnified the crazy in my head and heart. SO I decided I needed to STOP and record what I do have right now. Some of the things on this list may seem silly but with the harsh emotions I am working through right now I need to pull out the weirdly awesome stuff in me to jump over this current situation I am putting myself bear with me. These are in no particular order either.

I have:
beautiful blonde hair
good teeth
a really nice smile
a pretty rad, fit, sexy body
a new cute yellow laced Victoria Secret bra that fits like a glove
a loving, hard working, sexy husband
a spunky and handsome son who smiles a lot and makes my heart grow a billion times it's size when I see him laugh, hug, kiss, and dance.
a job
wonderful friends
a funny family
many talents that I get to share often
a beautiful voice
good organization skills
spunky personalisty
a working car
no school debt
my very own lawn
my very own house
my very own kitchen with cool gadgets that make delicious food
good work ethic
a testimony that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and hears my endless cries
patience...most of the time
a really nice ward
mad dancing skills
the coolest Lean and Green board on pinterest
super fast typing skills
a contagious cackle laugh

I am sure there is more but that is a good start for now. Thanks for bearing with me.

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