Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun Things & Mood Swings

When life gets dark and crazy...
 You build a blanket fort
& have fun it.  
There is just one rule....
 No tantrums allowed in the blanket fort.
 As you can see this is becoming a thing for Roan...
 I thought they weren't supposed to do this until they were 2. 
 Besides that Roan is having fun discovering the cool things we do as a parents
 Watering the lawn

 But seriously....the frequency of these mood swings are killing me!!!


  1. Ahhhh, that position looks vary familiar. I swear Dane spends half the day in it. Oh the tantrums :-) I can't wait to see them doing it together. Our boys have always done things early...guess they started tantrums early too.

  2. Ah, mood swings. My favorite part of toddlerdom. Ophelia started around 14 months and has gotten progressively worse with (or better at) them since. They get more dramatic every day. It's not a normal day if she doesn't throw herself down in a random parking lot and conk her head on asphalt.

  3. Shyes tantrums started just after she turned one. It was awful. But the good news is that when they get a little older you might be able to reason with them a little more.

  4. All kids love blanket forts.........even girls...........all children love to have a tantrum........especially girls.......ok not especially girls.........but it sounded good........


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