Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ugh. I feel like I keep getting handed piles of poop lately. I am trying not to get down and discouraged. I know there is a plan here but I just don't see it yet. Nevertheless after a lot of thought and reflection tonight, a late night while on my second shift, I decided I need to make the best of my situation and dance my worries away. I can't change the situation right now but I can change how I am reacting to it.

I found this video. I love that dancing is absurdly contagious as it is in real life. My awesome, upbeat, crazy self can also be contagious if I let it. Just as my downer, negative, mean self can be. So here is to turning a new leaf...moving up to a new and better level inside....and making the best of a crap load of poo. :)


  1. Thanks for the video I like it..........and have had times when I have felt like dancing like a I am high on something, not that I know what it feels like to be high as I have never been high.........

  2. I am requesting another work dance video!!

  3. I am requesting another work dance video!!


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