Friday, September 6, 2013


I don't think there is anything I don't love about this video. Love the song, the color, the story. It is probably one of my favorite music videos. My second favorite would have to be "Friday Night-TGIF". When Roan watched this video with me and the tiger first made it's appearance he screamed UH-OH. I laughed so hard.

This week has been pretty nuts. I have been pretty stressed by some forced changes I have had to deal with at work, I am more or less getting screwed over. Which in turn has made me cave and eat some junk food that I really didn't want which has made me all emotional. I have lots of fears about what is to come and have been very overwhelmed inside with how I am should proceed next. I have a lot of options but it is a matter of choosing the best option for the long term.  I am stronger than all that though. I am back on the healthy track, just trying to make sure my old lack of self control habits don't creep back in. I am hopeful that things will work out how they need to and that by moving forward in the current direction things will work out how they need to, if not then let's pray that a better door presents itself soon.

SO this song has pretty much rocked my world with all my feelings as of late. I am in the process of making a new "Pump Me Up" playlist. Any suggestions on what other songs to add?

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