Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 Inches

DO you ever have those people in your life that no matter what you do or say you are always going to be 2 inches away from the unspoken mark they put there for you to reach. I do and it is super annoying! I know of a few in my life, one in particular that I finally realized and accepted the fact that no matter how awesome I am, in their eyes I will never be awesome enough. When I finally accepted this I said to myself, ENOUGH! Not going to let what they say or think bother me anymore. Now I am the kind of person that tries to not let what other people say or think bother me, but there are moments where I do stop and let it bug me or let it second guess myself because they said that or how they said that. It is so dumb too and I get frustrated when I let that happen. But people I am here today to tell you that we shouldn't let the 2 incher's assist in us feeling that way anymore. I vow to not let it bother me any further, if fact from this day forth it will just give me motivation to drive them mad by being the awesome self that I KNOW I am without their help or approval.

Their is might be a little more to this than I am letting on, if you really want to know then call me. 

But for now I just wanted a proclamation that I am not going to reach for YOUR endless 2 inches anymore. I have my own personal 2 inches that I am rocking out and achieving and I am proud to say that I am doing just fine with that.

Thank you very much!

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