Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dear Friends In Town

My best friend Marly came into town in mid June! I cannot believe all that we did while she was in town. We are seriously amazing. I called the trip her BFF tour. She came with another dear friend Rachel, and together with local friend Shawna we painted the town all the colors of the rainbow.
4 adults and 4 kids under the age of 3 in tow. Here's what happened:
Day 1 we met up at a splash pad 

Day 2 There was a hike but we never could find each other. 
Nevertheless Roan and I made the best of it with our own private picnic. 

That night we had a girls night out party and stuffed ourselves fat with delicious Indian Food

Then we got some tattoos. ;) Yep we are super wild!

The gang had dinner at our house on Day 3
The kids played with the ants....

and then played in the sprinklers.

Marly and the boys spent the night. 
We stayed up late painting our nails, doing our hair, watching Sense & Sensibility, & talking our hearts off. 

Day 4 final day :(
We had a grand tour of downtown Salt Lake City. We saw the Church History Museum, City Creek, Temple Square, & The Conference Center. All with our kids in tow without a nap. It was epic!

The kids were stinking cute

Temple Square Selfie
Here we are pretending to eat the temple

Now a serious one :)

Token blonde friend power :)

Roan just chillin, such a champ

Within an hour of getting to Shawna's house most of the kids crashed.
The evening ended with a Cafe Rio picnic. 

The kids were really amazing considering all we did with them. They should win an award!
We should win an Oscar for being awesome women! You can have a bunch of kids in tow and still kick butt and have a super fun vacation!
It was soooo much fun playing with my BFFs.
We cried when we parted but know that friendship has no distance.
Please come again. 

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  1. I'm dying over the picture montage of the kids inf ront of the Temple! And, I had totally forgot about the pictures we took of our feet in your kitchen :) It was such a cool trip and totally worth needing a week to recover.


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