Saturday, July 19, 2014

June Kitchen Sink

June was a busy month. I seriously thought summer was going to be low key but we have had something fun each week. This post is out of order but a kitchen sink dedication to some of the fun we had. 
Roan has been in love with his train....again. 

 It is really cute to watch him play and hear the stories he makes up. 
Summer has been made easy when you have a toddler that will help you carry everything.

In one weekend we went to the local Aquarium and Zoo. Roan loved the fish and the monkeys. 

Lars had to work on Memorial day so I took Roan to a splash pad. He LOVED IT!
I had to pry him away from the water to eat lunch. 

We found this nest in our bush. Since then a few of the eggs have hatched but there is still one left that didn't make it :(
Roan prefers to ride in the cart now. Does this make him a big boy now?
Karen came into town and we had a blast catching up over a dinner and a show. I love these ladies so much.

This boy is a nut with a nutella mustache. 

He loves nursery so much that sometimes I bring him to nursery during Enrichment. 
uh oh...someone found my front view camera on my phone

How close can he get. 

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  1. I love baby selfies. He is just too sweet to handle!


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