Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

This is a younger version of my Dad. Is he a looker or what?
This is my parents on their wedding day outside of the Idaho Falls Temple, July 12, 1968
They have been married 46 years. 
I love looking at old pictures of my parents. They are amazing people and exemplify a lot of wonderful values. They have taught and continue to teach me amazing things about love and friendship through their actions. They are pretty cool parents and I love them and want to wish them a happy day and many more years of love to come. 


  1. You look EXACTLY like your dad!

  2. I also love looking at old photos of my parents and yeah I think my parents are pretty amazing as well

  3. Your mom and dad were hot stuff! I love your mom's glasses in that one picture. So stylish :) Happy Anniversary!


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