Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Boy

This boy has been growing so much lately. I wanted to make a post just for him. 
Roan is full of soooo much energy. If we let him he would seriously just run around the house screaming. 
He is easily enchanted with our phones and tv. His favorite shows are anything with Elmo, Star Wars, and Super Why. I love watching him watch Super Why. He interacts with the show and is talking so much better.
Okay so this post isn't entirely about him. Look how cute my hair curls when I take the time to do it. 

Roan loves sweets. Sometimes too much I am afraid. Everyday he asks for Nutella on toast. If it is on too think then he gives it back. SO spoiled and it is all my fault. Trust me he does eat healthy most of the time.
We got a new swing and love it. Roan loves to go to the park and slide down the "weee".

He is a happy silly kid and loves to make faces in the mirror
He is very active and loves to be outside. He is getting brave and learning how to climb on things and jump off of high places. When he falls down he immediately tries to to get back up while saying, "I OK, MOMMEEE."  When he isn't okay he runs to Lars or I and wants a kiss on his boo boo. 
 He is still learning how to share and play nice. He will share with Mom, Dad, & Grandma. He is a big fat tease too. I love letting him play but we are working on when it is okay to goof off and when it is time to get ready to go or get ready for bed. Occasionally he tries to avoid certain activities like brushing his teeth or prayers. He thinks that if he doesn't do them then he won't have to go to bed. LOL. Not the case. 

He loves to play with other kids. He used to be really shy and cling to Mom or Dad but now he pushes us out of the way so he can get his play time in especially with his cousins. 

We love this kid so much. He keeps things lively for us. :) Boys are so much fun!


  1. Your curly hair is soooo cute! You are one hot mama!

  2. I think Roan's burrito towel pictures are always my favorite. You need to keep doing them until he leaves for his mission and than to a time laps of all the pictures:) And yes, your hair is so adorable curled! Can we please do another playing with hair night?


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