Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trailer Camping...this is the Life!

SO over Father's Day Weekend we went "window" shopping for a camper trailer. Something we have been discussing on getting for a while now. We love camping and as campers we have really evolved. Anyway, we totally bought one but we love it and have already used it a bunch! So Happy Father's Day Lars!
I also got Lars a "Man-edible-arrangement" but who cares about that...we just bought ourselves a camper trailer. YIKES!!!!
Here is our home away from home

We took it out and did some camping with Lars brother. 
view from my bedroom

Roan became good friends with their dog, Angus. He followed him around and kept asking him what he was doing? Or he would try and help get him to come somewhere. 
Our campsite had a swing. 
The Aspen trees were stunning. 
Roan helped collect firewood

We hiked a lot and Roan found sticks

Then we went fishing. We didn't catch anything but had fun trying. 

Roan is really good at throwing and reeling but never sticks with it long enough to catch anything. Too much to see and do as a toddler I guess. 

We found a crawfish
Snuggles with Grandma by the fire.

First breakfast at the camper table. 

We had a lot of fun camping with our brother and Mom. Can't wait to go out again. Camping with a trailer is so awesome. I still love roughing it with a tent but man I am getting used to this. We are totally game if you want to come out with us sometime. Seriously, just scheduled it with us and you can come.
That is how we roll!


  1. I just left a comment but for some reason it didn't publish. :( Anyway, congrats on the awesome camper!!! It looks so awesome! I wish I had one - I would go camping all the time! What a great "toy" to have!!! Also - Roan is soooo dang adorable I can't get over it! He just gets cuter and cuter every day!

  2. I love their dog! I grew up with Akitas and our dog Ramses looks just like Angus!

  3. Jealous! It looks amazing! I think you guys should get a dog. Roan looks way too cute standing next to that big dog .


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