Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Belly Bump Shots

I haven't been real good at being consistent with any belly shots. But here are some goof off camera shots I have taken with my camera phone. I love my belly, it is fun to rub and see grow. It is especially fun to find clothes that make my belly pop. When I wear loose clothes it isn't so obvious that I am pregnant and then the next day BAM! I look preggo.

Playing with my shadow

~16 weeks~

Red and white polka dot dress my mother wore at her sisters wedding as a bridesmaid

~16 weeks~

wearing my favorite AFI shirt

~17 weeks~

Probably my favorite belly shot to date

~18 weeks~

wearing another one of my Mother's dresses that she wore when she was my age.

I love wearing my Mother's old clothes, they are vintage and cute and they work with the belly.

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  1. wow you're belly really POPPED between 16 and 18 weeks! Keep the shots coming! Hopefully the maternity shirts I sent you you will find flattering and fun for the bump. And I know what you mean about feeling like you look pregnant one day, then not the next, etc...it carried on until about 22 weeks or so, then I always looked pregnant. I loved being pregnant for the most part. Even the loss of complete bladder control at the end (beware of coughing, vomiting, and trying to hold it!) and the baby stretching his legs and expanding my rib cage. That hurt. And Labor and Delivery. That hurt too.
    Soooo worth it.
    Want want want to see more belly shots!


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