Friday, August 26, 2011


For the next month I am going to be a crazy blogger. I have been given an assignment at work, receptionist for a whole month in addition to all my other fun admin duties. The only sad part is I won't be working from home during this assignment and also have to work during the office hours and won't be able to come early to leave early sorta thing :( But I do have some perks. Like having me a little break from running around other sites and less trips to downtown LA. Plus in between all my work I can get more goofing around accomplished. So reading your blogs, other books, and updating my blog will be apart of the task of goofing off. If you have any recommended blogs let me know.

I have a check list app on my phone because I love check lists. One of my check list is titled, "Things to Blog About". Seriously, through out my day I think of fun or silly things that would rock on this blog. I have a lot of weird thoughts and I plan on sharing them. Some are baby related and some are just about me and my life in general. One thing I have been wanting to blog about for months now has been my personal history. And a little bit about Lars too. I want to recount my entire life from start to present. Not just so you can have a good read but because this is like a journal for me and someday I will print it and put it in a nice book and hope that my kids will enjoy reading this in addition to all my journal books that I have kept since forever.

So be prepared for as long as this blogging mood is hitting me THERE WILL BE BLOGSSSS


  1. For some reason, your background makes me want to buy bras and panties...

  2. I think it's cuz it looks like a Victoria's Secret bag. :)
    Looking forward to more blog entries!

  3. Thanks and I bet your husbands love my subliminal messages to buy underwear. LOL. Guess that is why I loved the background, it made me feel girly.


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