Friday, August 12, 2011

A Wonderful Story

Many years ago in a land of Utahns lived a sweet girl with stringy blonde hair and goofy glasses. She was fun and had a zest for life. One day she was in a van full of friends on their way to play lazer tag. She was in the front seat and seated in the middle was a cute boy with shaggy blonde hair and a gorgeous smile and laugh.

On a dare said girl turned around to said boy and spoke, "Ya know what? I think you are cute!" Shaggy blonde boy then smiled his gorgeous smile and said something that stringy blonde hair girl never thought a boy as cute as him would say to her, "Yeah...I think you are cute too." Both of them smiled at each other and thus began a wonderful courtship.

Months later this goofy couple made their 1st best decision together and were married for time and all eternity on August 12, 2003 in the Mt. Timpanogous Temple. Many many years later this goofy couple made their 2nd best decision together and started growing their family. They had no idea the joy this decision would bring to their lives and wish they could express their exuberant gratitude and love they feel.

They now celebrate 8 years of blissful togetherness and have blossomed into a swan like
yet still a little goofy wonderful family. :)


  1. ....and they lived happily ever after. The end. :D


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