Monday, August 22, 2011

A Dragon, a Unicorn, or a baby...

SO the last few weeks a lot of people have been asking me what we are having and recently the answer I have given them has been, "oh maybe a dragon, or a unicorn, but I guess a baby boy or girl could do."

Today we went to the doctor and found that we are having a boy!!!

As if the picture at the top didn't give it away.

He was seriously break dancing on his head the whole time. The ultrasound tech had me roll around and go on a walk around the hallway to see if I could move him so she could get better measurements of his head. When it came time to see what the sex was he wasn't shy and the first shot was the money shot but the tech checked a few times before saying anything to us, but Lars and I knew what those 3 dots meant. I felt surprised at first cause both of us have been having baby dreams with a little girl in them. But I guess that won't be just yet. I am very excited to have another cute guy around the house and look forward to just about everything we could possibly do together.

The tech also said that he is tall and that might move up our due date. I imagine he will be tall, blonde, and blue eyes. I would love it if he had Lars feet and skin tone, but my teeth.

We originally only had girl names and I wasn't sure we were going to be able to come up with any boy names. But, as has been this entire process, things have just fallen into place. Shortly after our doctor appointment we went to lunch and by the end had a boy name picked out. We are both Danish/Norwegian/Scandinavian so we want our kids names to be very unique. Right now this is the current favorite: Roan prononunced Row-uhn

I think it has a cool warrior/viking sound to it.

Here is the little guy holding his knees up.

He is trying to look at us here

His spine

Here he is looking at us, you can see his eye socket. I call this picture skeletor :)

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  1. I just saw this post! How do I keep missing them. I say the Muppet one and didn't scroll down. Anyway, our little boy was on his head the whole time too:-) We are going to have some tall, blonde, handsome boys!


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