Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blast from the Past

If you have read this "History of Stephanie" in this blog then you may remember my two best friends growing up, Karin and Kristina. We are all old mature now and have kids and had careers and stuff like that. 

Let me tell you, we were quite the trio back then. Even though we now live across the country from each other we DO NOT miss a beat when together. 

Last week Karin was in town so naturally the three of us got together for a late night party at the hottest spot in town, Artic Circle on Lehi Main Street. I try and talk to these ladies on a monthly basis which is great. But getting together brings the fun to a whole new level. 

We spent hours reminiscing about good times from seminary, dances, girls camp, sleep overs, to Karin or Kristina's Uncle's noses falling off, and a High School picture of Karin's Dad I mistook for her Mom, and more. And then we talked about our kids and lives now. I love where we were together, where we have been since, and where we are going. I love that we can pick up where we left off and I love our friendship. 

That particular night I was having a rough time with a stupid visitor, Aunt Flow. TMI.
Our get together was just the pick me up I needed. I love you girls!

I found just a few of many pictures from my youth that I wanted to share. I would have gotten more but somebody, LARS, was in a hurry. Maybe one day I will go through and scan all my pictures. (oh ye of digital age have no idea what we had to do to get a picture back in the day). 

Please note that in my youth I was chubby, had braces at one point, crazy hair styles, and thick eye brows, but I was stunningly beautiful like I am today. 
I don't know the year this was taken, only that we were goofing off after a mutual activity

Kristina's Dad drove us around a lot, so we had to be at least 14-15 in these. 
 We dressed up for a dance or dinner at EFY 2000?
 Hanging out before early morning seminary
(Sister Raue in the back) I think we were 16is here. 
 Dressing up for a Youth Conference Dance at Alma College :)
 Helping Kris move to Utah :( Sad day for all. Also pictured is Rockford friend Stacey and Kris' little sister, Stephanie
Reunited in 2001 or 2002 in Utah. 
Kris already lived in Utah, Karin came out to go to BYU, and I moved to Utah. 
Here we are 2013!!!
I love this pic because it shows each of our personalities.
Kris was always the sly one with the bunny ears
Karin was always joking and laughing
and I thought I was so hotter than sliced bread
 Always having a good time.  
"The sun will set, the sun will rise, but through it all our friendship lies." ~Kristina 
Our little families. 

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  1. How fun!

    I want a reunion with some old friends. Those are always awesome.


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