Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lemon List

Here is a fun list of things to do when life gives you lemons:

  1. Feel ripped off-cry out to the heavens and scream "Why Me?"
  2. Compare yourself-nobody else has to deal with this
  3. Sit with it-Ponder upon these lemons
  4. Find Faith-sometimes you have to dig deep depending on the lemon
  5. Re-look at the lemons, examine them, admire them, smell them, maybe taste them. 
  6. Accept them-It is your reaction to the lemons not the lemon itself that will determine your future. 
  7. Get to work-SERVE
  8. Clean with them-you can help others that may have the same lemon maybe. 
  9. Clean yourself with them-lemons can change us for the better
  10. Appreciate them for what they are-I would rather have my own lemons than someone elses. 
  11. Share them-you are not alone


Say What?