Friday, May 3, 2013


SO we just bought a house!!

We closed on May 2nd. We will be moving into our home around the second week in June (until then it will be rented out to the previous owners for a month). If you want to come and strut your muscles or just help carry some boxes we would really appreciate it. Snacks and laughter are sure to be included. Info will be distributed as that date gets closer.

There are a few people I want to thank and tell you about. 

First, big BIG THANKS to Lars' Mom and my Mom and Dad and sister for watching after Roan during the every other night outs to look at houses or handle paperwork. We really appreciate it!

Second, Our Realtor, David Rock. Dave Rock has been used within my family since I was a wee wee little one. He helped sell my childhood home in West Valley, helped my parents find a house when they moved back, helped my Grandparents, and lots of other people we know. I always knew who he was because every year he would send my family a Christmas card and magnet that would stay on our fridge during the year. When we decided to buy a house there was no question who we were going to use. He has the knowledge and experience and we needed both. When we lived out of state we had a couple of a-okay Realtor's but none of them had a knowledge that Dave has. He is amazing and now mentors lots of to be Realtor's within his company. But seriously folks, Dave is not just another Realtor that will get you in/out of your house then leave and only reach out to you via Christmas card. He is your guy for the rest of your life. He has additional services that he provides for you free of charge forever. Like reviewing your county taxes each year to ensure you are getting the best deal and not paying unnecessary taxes and many many more awesome things. He also doesn't hide anything or sway you to his benefit  like other agents may do. He educates you through the process and figures out your wants and needs and makes it happen. Every time I have needed him I call and he answers, if he doesn't answer he calls me back within the hour. Plus he is super swell throughout the process and laughs at my silly jokes. When I got discouraged with the process he kept me optimistic with his encouragement. I can absolutely highly recommend Dave Rock to help you with any of your selling or buying needs. He covers the entire state of Utah so seriously...he is your won't be sorry. Below is his contact info:

David Rock
Happy Clients Since 1984

801.916.7625 call or text
Facebook me
Ulrich Realtors

Last, our Lender,  Allen Rowe. When we started the buying process we were going to go through our bank because they have been good to us with our car loans and have the lowest rates around. But when we got the counter offer asking for a shorter amount of time to get everything processed we knew that it wasn't going to happen through the bank because they needed 45-60 days and we had less than 30 days to get everything together. Our super awesome Realtor Dave Rock, contact info above, referred us to one of his contacts. Allen Rowe, not only did he come through for us on getting the loan process completed 2 weeks before the due date, he saved us money and because of him we were able to start out with equity in the home. He also got us the same rate that the banks were offering. Amazing guy who also educated us through the process and looked out for our best interest rather than just punching in numbers and choosing the best option that would profit him the most. His contact info is below: 

Branch Manager | NMLS #274049
801.942.6200 Direct


6707 S. 1300 E. #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Lars, Stephanie, Dave Rock, Allen Rowe, & Melinda Goodman (GT Title Services)


Both of these guys had the best customer service, which I am all about since I work in that industry. This really makes all the difference.  You might also be asking yourselves what I get if you tell the above guys that I sent you. Nothing but the pure joy that you will receive amazing service like I did. That and a free meal from Dave, but mostly that satisfaction and a peace of mind your needs are met. :) 
If you would like to know more please give me a call.
Let's CELEBRATE!!!!!!!


  1. YAY! So awesome. Seriously.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is SO exciting!

  3. Woohoo! I think I would love to volunteer our services, but I am nervous that we would be less than helpful by adding another toddler to the situation. But maybe we can work something out where you help us move and we help you move? :) I am an excellent unpacker!

    1. We are throwing around the idea to have someone in my family watch Roan while we move but if that doesn't work then we can work something out. Our new house has a gated yard so if anything we can just let the kids run wild and keep a close eye on them. When are you guys moving? We could help you guys.


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