Monday, April 29, 2013

Good Weekend

This weekend was super nice. 
I had a good read at Roan's doctor appointment 
I took my fortune to heart and made plans and a commitment towards a goal I have this year which has made me both nervous and super excited. (More on that to come) 
 Friday night I played games with my sister. It was lots of fun playing The Game of Life. When we were kids we played this game for hours and hours. Now that we are older this game moves a lot faster, ironic or what. I think it was because as children our little hands couldn't spin the wheel so well and we played with more than just 2 people. One time I had so many kids in the game I almost had to have a second car. This time I only had one kid. We played 2 rounds in under an hour. At one point in the game my sister left her husband at the wedding chapel for nearly half the game. Coincidence to her real life, I think not. :)
I gave Roan a dandelion weed flower that he held onto for 30 minutes as we walked and played at the park. The weather was so amazing. We spent most of it outside walking and ate most of our meals on the patio. I love the smell of spring. As long as I have lived here I don't remember the blossoms and flowers smelling so amazing. This combined with the cool breeze and the stunning mountains really makes me love living here. I know there is still winter but man Spring and Fall in Utah are just amazing.  
 We visited my cousin who was kind enough to travel super far south to pick up this toy for me. It is Roan's Easter present and he loves it so much.  
We also had a little tea party on Sunday. 
Our visitors included Wacko, Blue Power Ranger, Dog, and Garfield
Eureeka had a short guest appearance at the end of the festivities. 
(I love that Roan is playing with a bunch of my old toys that are now dubbed the grand-kid toy's)
 Drink this! 
But at the end of any tea party boys will be boys and stack up the dishes. 
Geez Roan what did you put in this is soooo good. 

I love weekends!
How was yours?


  1. That looks like such a fun weekend!

    Mine was a lot less interesting.

  2. Looks like you had a bloody awesome weekend

  3. Roan is looking so cute and grownup! So that fortune of yours? I got the exact same one in February of 2002 when my friend and I had a huge crush on the same guy. We went to dinner together and when I got that fortune I showed it to her as if it proved that the guy would choose ME. Well, he turned out to be gay. haha. Random, sorry. But I still have that fortune in my wallet. Good memories.

    1. That is a funny story. I love happy memories like that. I also keep a few things in my wallet and other places that remind me of random fun events.

  4. What a great weekend. I love the pretend play, it is so much fun.


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