Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our First House Part 1

We had our home inspection yesterday and it went really well. We are going to review the full inspection notes soon and go from there. But from the looks of it everything is in super condition and any fixer uppers we have ahead of us are minimal and for the large stuff we will have warranty insurance that we may renew from year to year.

The owners were there and we got a chance to chat with them. They are so great. They told us that after we saw the house they wanted to sell it to us specifically because they loved us and our enthusiasm. They answered our questions and told us a little about themselves and their situation. They have owned the home for over 30 years and moved out to take care of his dying father. He passed and they inherited his much larger home and items. So they moved back in to get things organized and sell, which is probably why they are so anxious to sell because they have two houses two many. The owner is in the steel construction business and his hobbies include tiling, which is obvious when you see the house. His craftsmanship is beyond great and we can tell he has put a lot of love and pride into this home.  He was so nice and said that if we ever had any questions after moving in or needed help with any of the settings on the equipment they are leaving he would be glad to stop by. We couldn't be more grateful for these golden sellers. 

Of all the houses we have seen this one has ALL but one thing we were looking for in a home. The more we see it the more we love it and feel like it was built for us in mind. The thing it doesn't have is a specific cold storage room for food storage. Not that we have a lot of food storage but it is something I would like to build up. We have ideas on space to convert in the mean time. 

Without further ado here are a few pics we took yesterday. I took more pictures but I am not going to post them yet...sorry to be a tease. Lars really wants to take fancy smancy pictures and video after the owners have moved out. The family room is full of boxes from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Here are a few of my favorite things so far. More to come as this next month progresses. 
 The front; the dinning room entry way
The Kitchen
From left to right; top to bottom
Back of the house; deck from grass view, deck from stairs view
Back corner of the yard with cement pad complete with electricity; side yard, neighbors blossoming tree 
(I thought it was pretty and starting singing popcorn popping :))
upstairs bathroom, jetted tub/shower in master bedroom, more back yard


  1. Yeah, the tiling is beautiful. And you have a gas stove! Yay! Those are hard to find in Portland so when we bought our house I had my father in law install a gas line so I could buy a gas stove. I love it. It looks like such a great home.

  2. Oh, how exciting! I'm so glad it is all working out so beautifully for you both. Yay for your first house!

  3. This is all so exciting! I'm glad you are getting everything you wanted!


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