Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5K Cancelled

Over the weekend I decided to not use the crutches or take any Advil. I did my best to take it easy and despite my efforts my ankle/leg/fracture area was sore by Sunday night. I started to feel hesitant about even walking in the 5K. I didn't want to chicken out on my commitment so I prayed for my fracture to continue to heal properly in time for the 5K.

Monday morning I get to work and check my email and read this:

Salt Lake City Event Notice
Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for choosing Dirty Girl and registering for our Salt Lake City event. Unfortunately, due to the low volume of registrants, we will be unable to hold the event on April 27th. Our goal is to provide an over-the-top experience that is like no other. To do so, we require a critical mass of participants. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure enough Dirty Girls in Salt Lake City.

BLAH BLAH Cancelled....here is how to get your money back or get a voucher for another race blah blah blah! I am totally getting a refund. :)

LOL. I had to laugh about the last line....not able to secure enough "Dirty Girls in SLC". LOL I know where I can find some. Totally kidding! We are all Daughters of God.

I was both bummed but also extremely relieved. I don't want to further injure myself. I am going to get through this injure 100%. Then dance and prance in the mud.

So the Gator Galz are no more. I was going to run with my coworker and sister in law. We are already looking into other runs. There are other dirty runs and color runs that have caught my interest. One of my favorite cousins, who is also runs, is going to be in town in August. We are both on the mends and if we are cleared then we will run a 5K together. I have something fun to look forward too once I am in good health.

In the mean time I have not been counting calories or exercising. I kind of suck but I don't really care right now either. I will work it out and get back into shape soon enough. I found a program that my other cousin used that looks legit but not crazy. I am still doing research and if I decide to do it I will bring you all in on it. I love myself and my body I just always think I can do a better job at taking care of myself. BAM!


  1. At least you have a great attitude about it. There will be other 5ks, but only if you let yourself heal up!

  2. Well at least you are getting your money back which is something

  3. "Unfortunately, we were unable to secure enough Dirty Girls in Salt Lake City" BWAHAHA!!!! =)

  4. Come check out the ORIGINAL women's only mud run, the Kiss Me Dirty Race Series (http://www.kissmedirty.com)...oh, and guess what, we're home grown in Utah! We have 2 Utah events: Ogden on June 29th and SLC on August 24th. Email info@kissmedirty.com and we JUST might have a discount code for you! :-)


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