Thursday, April 11, 2013


I entered a local contest to win a free date night and some other gift cards. For the contest we had to send in a letter about what we love and why? They wanted something with pizzazz and heart. I didn't win. But I was pretty proud of my entry nonetheless. So here it is...

Hi! My name is Stephanie Joy Barlow and I love "Living It Up!" My parents were more than correct when they gave me my middle name. I was the youngest of 6 and a girl. This thrilled my parents because there were already 4 boys and 1 girl and my Mom really wanted to have another girl. All that made them very happy so they gave me the middle name "Joy". Little did they know how true I would try to live up to that name. 

I have always, and will always be, a fun loving, optimistic, enthusiastic, smiling gal. Even when times are tough, and a lot of times they are because well...this is life, but I try to make the most of things. Who wants to waste time being blue...The Blue Man Group...maybe...but not me :) This was my motto throughout my youth. I didn't think I needed anything else because I loved to live it up on my own and that was enough. Then in 2003, I met a cute boy named Lars. "What a fun name," raced through my mind at first. "Oh he is hot with his blonde hair and blue eyes." That was my second thought. And then he smiled and laughed at a joke I told. That day forward I knew my life would be all the more rich with him by my side. After a short courtship we married and since then have been living it up together. We have had many adventures and misadventures together. We both graduated from college with our associates degrees, started a short lived PS3 Rock Band named The Bee Sharps, created a production company, lived in California for 4 years, broke a few fingers while roller skating, gone camping 30+ times, made 250+ able-skivers, ate said 250+ able-skivers (not all at once), seen countless movies together, and much much more. We just love being together. And that is enough...or so we thought.

9 Years into our marriage we decided to unlock more of our hearts when our son was born. Our lives became much more zealous. Now all I want to do is relive my life over, but with our son by our side, so we can experience all the wonderful things we have done together so far through each other's eyes. Both of these guys are my loves and anchors in life. I can get a little crazy with my "Living It Up" attitude. Some people don't like it and try to box me up or tell me to change. But my two anchors are there to hug and kiss me and tell me they wouldn't have me any other way. This year is our 10 year wedding anniversary. We would love to win a free date to help us celebrate our love that has grown and had so many of life's awesome experiences. Whether or not we win we are going to continue to "Live It Up!" Because that is just what we do and I know we have so much more to see and do together as a family.

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  1. This is adorable, Stephanie! I'm sorry you didn't win the contest, but at least you won an even better prize. :-)


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