Monday, April 22, 2013

What The World Would Be Like Without....

My favorite comedian, leading lady, and red head would have to be Lucille Ball. As a child I would run home from school to watch reruns of I Love Lucy. I have also seen most of her movies, biographical movies, and read her memoir. They used to sell the complete series of I Love Lucy at Costco for $100. I regrettably passed up buying it too many times to be "financial responsible". Stupid responsibility. I wish I splurged. Now it is no longer there. I am sure I can buy it in pieces at a greater cost. Thankfully the series came out on hulu plus. I just need to have a few sick days to get my marathon going. :)

I have always loved Lucy. I loved the comedy skits. I loved the character relationships. I loved that she used comedy to get out of sticky situations brought on by her own desire to be in the limelight. I loved her own philosophies on life. I think I connected with her the most as a child when I thought I was dumb and slow at certain things that other people were better at, such as reading out loud and spelling. I was very embarrassed to read aloud but had to as a requirement in school. I couldn't spell very well and therefore didn't pronounce the words correctly. Afraid of being mocked socially for this I tried to cover up my poor reading skills through comedy. Just as I had learned from watching I Love Lucy, I would dramatically read out loud and if I didn't know the word I would make up something that I thought was clever and then own it and run with it. For the most part this worked amongst my peers and pinned me as a clown. However, many of my teachers did not find it that funny. That didn't matter though because I felt satisfied with the results and I had comic relief that I learned from Lucy to thank for it.

What would the world be like without Lucy? I know I would have suffered more socially had I not watched and learned from her show. Besides finding joy and laughter from her craft what else would have been lost?

 Allow me to be Clarence from "It's A Wonderful Life" and tell you what the world could have been the end of this you should be ringing bells so I can get my wings.

Shows like The Real McCoys, The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, My Three Sons, The Untouchables, I Spy, Family Affair, Mission Impossible, Hogan's Heroes, Star Trek might not have made it to TV. Well maybe they would have by another means but who really know. And yes! You heard me right on that last show I named. STAR TREK! All Trekkie's should pay homage to Lucy. Lucy and her first husband Desi Arnaz formed the production company Desilu Productions in 1950. This company produced or filmed the above shows including I Love Lucy.

Later she bought out Desi's shares and became the first woman in television to be the head of a production company. Desilu was eventually sold and merged into Paramount Pictures in 1967.

The I Love Lucy show wasn't the first show to do taping with a live studio audience but it sure popularized it. In fact, many production companies today use those laugh tracks in lots of TV shows to date.

I believe Lucy was a pioneer who saw television as the big screen at home; a comedienne of the highest magnitude; and a virtuoso of her craft.

Do you have a favorite politician or entertainer who you believe has made an impact on our world?

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  1. Yeah I loved that show she was so bloody amazing and so funny


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