Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How It Came to Be

Wednesday, April 3rd, we looked at a house and after that decided to change the specs on everything to expand our search. Our Realtor, Dave Rock, went into the online MLS system and made the changes and also changed the settings so we would get notifications more often when a house becomes available. 

Thursday, April 4th, we looked at a bunch of meh and so so houses from our expanded search. Feeling discouraged we returned to our Realtor's office to put another offer on the house we put an offer on last week. We felt that it was the best we had seen and decided to give into the sellers counter offer.

While Dave was drawing up the paperwork I received a notification and pulled up the list of houses and Lars and I reviewed them. 
Heck NO

All three of us huddled around the computer looking at everything about THE house. It had been on the market since September 2012 and they just reduced the price within the hour into our price range. Our Realtor immediately tried to make contact with the other agent so we could see it that night.  From the specs we knew this house was a great deal and wouldn't last and I wanted to play hard ball. It was 8 pm at night, while we waited to hear from the other agent we decided to at least go drive by it. We all jumped in the car and scurried to the house and met in the middle of the road directly in front of the house. By then it was 8:30 pm. The house was occupied and we still hadn't heard from the agent. 

Then the unthinkable happened. 

The owner of the house came out the front door. Dave, who is incredibly awesome by the way (not just because he has seen and loves Galaxy Quest, but because he is a rock star at his job). Dave politely went up to the gentleman and introduced himself. He carried on a conversation with the owner and soon brought us into the conversation and introduced us. We got to ask him various questions about the house. The owner said that he would invite us in but they just put the kids to bed. He also explained that they had moved out of the house to live with his Father who was dying of cancer. They moved back in along with tons of furniture and boxes of his father's items. So there wasn't much room in the house at the moment as they were still getting things reorganized. He said we were welcome to return on a later date. While we were planning an appointment the owners wife came out the front door and joined the conversation  SHE invited us in and said that the kids were still awake and that if we didn't mind the mess she would be happy to give us a quick tour. She also commented that she has been in our shoes before and understands the urgency to see houses as they become available.
She was a good sales lady and super nice. 

The tour was amazing. We saw many things that weren't even in the pics. This house has just about everything we are looking for in a house and it is in the right condition. As we walked through the house she told us all the stuff that would stay, which was a lot. She even said that if we bought the house she would throw in one of the king sized beds. The master bedroom/bathroom was amazing. The backyard even more awesome. We graciously thanked them over and over for letting us in and wished them a goodnight. 

We had a planning meeting at the cars and decided to do whatever we needed to get the house. It is in a great area and worth more than they are asking. We put our best offer in but the selling agent said he will present the offers on Saturday and then that turned into Monday. That night Dave called and indicated that things are looking good for us. We are on the up and up since we have met the sellers and left a positive impression on them. 

Lars said that as he was driving to the house he had a strong feeling and a prompting that said, "Are you ready to see the house you are going to live in for the next few years?" We love love love this house. It feels right and I have had so much peace with our offer, even though they took taking forever to get back to us I still felt calm. I just knew that if it was right it was going to work out in its own time and then move rapidly after that. We put it in the Lord's hands. 

Tuesday, April 9th, Dave calls us with the best news. They accepted our offer and moved up the closing date. Things are moving super fast but will hopefully continue to fall into place. 

What an amazing story. What are the odds that we were going to see the house late that night? What are the odds that it came thru on our notifications and that the owner just happened to walk out his front door when he did? For me the story is even more amazing because we actually got the house. Sometimes things just happen right and fall into place just perfectly. I couldn't have planned this any better. 

I will take a video tour and post it later on. 


  1. Congratulations!

    Is there a bedroom for when I come visit??

    1. Yes. You have options too. :) How soon shall I have it ready :)

  2. That story is simply amazing and I am SO thrilled for you guys and can't wait to come and visit your new castle this August!


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