Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Recent Stuff from Roan

Playing outside of Fafa Madsen's house (that is Danish for Papa Madsen, what we call Grandpa Madsen)

 This kid loves to stand and sit in chairs thru most of the day
He is saving a seat for his friend Dane.  
 This is how we watched conference. He had to hold and play with his mirror. 
Some of the talks were nail biting. :)
This is the face he makes when he coughs.
How to eat a banana by Roan
How to blow on grass and leaves by Roan


  1. haha! loved the videos. We have a banana song too. =)

  2. Such a cutie. I swear he gets cuter every day.

  3. Hey! Dane eats bananas the same way! Including the taking it back out of his mouth and throwing it on the floor. Oh, I love these boys so much. Dane says "Thanks!" for saving him a chair:-)


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