Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Donuts

I have been really inspired lately by Al Fox. I first saw her post a few weeks ago that one of my friends shared on facebook. I spent the next few hours from that moment reading her blog and watching all her videos. It was really energizing and that followed by a fantastic General Conference really got me feeling like I need to act on doing more daily good. It has been said that when you are feeling down lose yourself in service because you will find yourself. I believe that to be true as I have tested that theory in the past. Now I am doing pretty swell on this whole depression thing so its not like I have been feeling really down as of late. I think that even when you are happy you should serve because it will be all the more jolly. Anyway, the last month they have been pounding talks out in church about deepening ones testimony and praying for opportunity to testify so needless to say ALL of this has been on my mind about how I can take action to help deepen mine. One thing I have been doing to help this process is pray every morning for the opportunity to share the gospel through service and to recognize and act on those opportunities  I think we have them everyday but don't see them or ignore them because we are scared.

Today, Friday, I was on my way to work. I work in downtown SLC but live in Utah County. That is quite a commute but I don't mind it. The drive gives me time to think and reflect about all these thoughts running through my head. This week was kind of hectic emotionally with a lot of upcoming changes in our lives. Positive changes, yes, but still some nervousness. I am also following up with a doctor this week about my fracture. I want everything to go well because I am anxious to get back on my feet and into my fitness routine. I have really been getting down on myself, especially this week, because I am not exercising I am also not eating the best of things. I know, I know I can get back up and try again and I plan on doing that NOW. But the battle in my head this morning was over whether or not to eat two delicious donuts I had with me in the car . These aren't just any donuts, they are Banbury donuts. One had chocolate on it and the other was a cake donut with chocolate and colored sprinkles. Should be an easy answer since I am trying to stay healthy, but this is where I can be very weak and vulnerable, especially when I have had an emotional week.

So I threw myself a little pity party for a few minutes in the car and wallowed over the decision. I shouldn't eat them because I want to start being better now...but I have already ate so much crap this week what is another day gonna do to me? I thought maybe I would just eat a bite of the donuts and then throw the rest away. However, I knew better and that in the state I was in I wasn't going to stop at one bite. I tried pawning the donuts off on my family but they all declined. During the drive some good upbeat songs came on the radio about being a "fighter" and "keep holding on". Then I thought how can I turn this trial into an uplifting service experience. Right then and there I said a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to put someone in my path that needed these two yummy donuts. I felt really good about it and continued on my drive with excitement. As I got into downtown I scanned the sidewalks for people. No one was around and I was catching all the green lights. When I did stop at a red light the sidewalks were empty, I work very early. Then as I pulled into my parking garage there was a man walking by. He was carrying a backpack and an unrolled sleeping bag. I am sure he was homeless. I rolled down my window and asked if he was hungry. He replied, "Yes." So I handed him the brown paper bag full of these two delicious donuts and told him to have a happy day. He smiled and told me, "God Bless!"

I like to think that he really needed those donuts or just that small act of kindness to lift his spirits. I have no idea what the outcome of that might be. I am not telling you all this so you will put me on a pedestal. I am not telling you this to make you feel bad for not doing the same thing this morning. I am only telling you this to testify that if you ask for opportunities and the courage to show your testimony through service, even within a moment of that prayer, Heavenly Father will give them to you. Seize those moments and act on them. They are wonderful. I feel better giving those donuts to that man more than I would have enjoyed eating them myself. I love donuts so why not share them with others. I LOVE the gospel so why not share that too? This life is so full of tough storms for everyone and I know I have been able to weather mine because of kind acts and service from others. I want to pay it forward. If everyone does one nice thing a day it would be so amazing.

I testify that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and gives us the strength and courage to serve and share what we know is already wonderful. Now go and make it a happy day!


  1. Stephanie, I love this story SO MUCH. I'm going to find someone to do something nice for. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Cool story, Stephanie! But now I'm craving donuts ;-) I really try to do service as often as I can because it is really true that it can brighten your own life. You are awesome! (...I'm clapping for you right now:)

  3. Props to you Stephanie. I'm not sure I would've been that strong. I'd like to think I would...


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