Thursday, April 25, 2013


I feel like I have been really boring on blogging lately. I even googled "things to blog about" for inspiration. Maybe I will come up with more stuff over the next little while. Until then here is an update on life for us as of late. 

Roan had his 15 month appointment yesterday.
weight: 24 lb (50 percentile)
height: 34.5 inches (99 percentile)
He is super super tall!!

He got his splint off over a week ago since his fracture. Since then he has been making up for lost time and getting into everything. I think he was really excited to get it off, that same day he carried nearly all his toys from one side of the room to the other. He was extremely happy and independent. He is walking strong and we can tell that his leg gets stronger with each passing day. 
Love his face and the look he is giving me here. I feel the same way about you buddy. And check out his super fast arm going in for a hug. 
His cousins Karen and Michael spent the weekend at our house. Michael and Roan were each others shadows the entire time. We had to get a picture of their matching pajamas. 

There are two things Roan has been into lately. Cars and chairs. He loves watching cars and playing with cars and turning other toys into cars. We have a few small toddler chairs for him and he loves to carry them around and practice sitting and standing up in them. He always gets a proud satisfied look on his face when he plays with the chairs. He is quite the artist too. One day he put his little chair in a large rocking chair, very deep Roan. 

Roan also has two molars that just came in on the bottom and two are working their way down from the top. He has been a little extra melodramatic but other than that nothing crazy. Based off other peoples stories I thought it was going to be awfully crazy. With those new guys he now has 12 teeth. 

As for me my x-ray showed the fracture was healing and that I had the okay to no longer wear the boot. However, I still dealt with a lot of pain when I didn't use the boot so I kept it on for a few more days. When I don't wear it I wrap my ankle area with an ace bandage. I am also exclusively wearing my Doc Martin shoes. I think my leisure shoes hurt the fracture. When I wore them my ankle would swell up and ache, but with the Doc Martin shoes I can walk longer without pain. I might need to buy new shoes after I cam completely healed. I was kind worried that it fractured again in a different spot but since the change of shoes it has felt a million times better. 

The doctor said it will take until the end of the summer to heal completely so I should avoid high impact sports, running, jogging, and jumping. My cousin is coming into town from Washington in August. We both are hoping to be healed up enough to walk/lightly jog a 5K then. I am a little frustrated with the time this is taking to heal but grateful that it is not a more serious break which take a zillion years longer to heal. I can live with light walking and swimming and biking this summer. Counting my blessings. 

We are planning on closing on our house May 6th. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this. I am excited to finally have our own place. I am excited to call this place ours. When we first talked about buying a house at the beginning of the year it seemed like we were years away. We got seriously lucky. Everything fell into place and we couldn't be happier. We got the home appraised and it's worth more than we are paying so we are starting out with some equity which is truly amazing. The sellers have been nothing but wonderful and cooperative with our requests. They told us they were praying for a good family to buy their home that they put so much love into and little did they know we were praying for a good home with love. I truly believe that we were brought to each other at this time. Some other awesome things are happening and I will dedicate a post to that later on. Right now I am just so grateful for this blessing from Heavenly Father. We cannot wait to start this new chapter to our lives. To keep busy we are getting a few things organized and lined up for the move. We will need to clean the home and do a few other needful things but we hope to move in within a week of closing. Thank you all so much for your love and prayers with this process. We pray for a continued smooth road. Once we get settled we are going to throw a huge open house and you are all invited. 

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  1. I'm glad you're both healing up well. Injuries really suck. Especially when they take away from doing the activities you love.

    Congratulations on the house! This is so, so exciting!


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