Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Girl

Happy Friday! So as promised I am going to share some of my notes from my cool Relief Society activity. 

Let me tell you a secret. Lately I have been at a loss when it comes to blogging. I even Googled, "What do I blog about?" Sounds lame. I have just felt so boring on here. All I talk about is Roan and food or nothing. I want this blog to be a little more than that, like me. :) SO I have been considering starting a "Positive Post" of the week. One thing that I feel sets me apart is my joy and optimism  And I want to share my secrets with you on how I try to live that way. SO after much thought and then this Relief Society activity I decided it was a good idea to get this ball rolling. So here is your first post and it will contain my secret.....

here it is....

I don't know 

LOL I am still figuring all this out so let's do it together. Starting with some good notes that I took on some things I try to live by.

How to be positive in a tough life

1. Learn to Laugh
It has been said that laughter is music to the soul. When I am in a rut I try to laugh at myself or find a joke. It makes the situation not seem as bad as it really is. Laughter lifts yours spirits and can be contagious. It is also good for your health. I have seen Patch Adams so I know this to be true. :)

2. Spring into Fitness
Now when I say fitness I don't mean hard cord Amber Brueseke constant fitness guru (love you girl, you are my inspiration). I mean any kind of fitness. When I am sad or stressed I go on a walk around the block. When I am angry and cooking I use the cans of food as weights and do 1-2 set to blow off steam. True story. I do love to workout and have found that when I do I am happier, especially when I work out with a friend. But I think any fitness level can go a long way and maybe even build into something. 

3. Stand Up to Service
I think the hardest times to volunteer for service is when I am going through some crazy stuff. Over the years I have learned that I will always be going through something. The times I look past it to serve and don't use it as an excuse are the times it is easier to handle. This week started out really tough. I wanted to ask for help but also didn't because I wanted that help to just be there as a sign I was loved and looked after. Finally when things got bad enough I cried out for help. A friend, who coincidentally was thinking about me a few days prior to my cry, offered to video chat. We did and it was great. In the conversation we talked about "bearing each others burdens"  and how we are all going through something and we shouldn't let that keep us from helping each other. I think when we help each other along it helps us forget our problem and makes us feel good, but more importantly confirms that we are not alone and don't have to live alone. Service can be as big as making a meal, going to the temple, or babysitting, and as small as a hug, phone call, or text. 
So suck it up and do it!

4. Trust in the Lord
There are challenges that seem or are never ending. Even when they seem so tough and impossible we need to try and practice faith and trust in the Lord. He knows what is going on and always has our back, even when it doesn't feel like it He is there getting us ready for the right time, thing, place. The Sister who shared these points with us shared this story that I will paraphrase for you. She had been living with nasal health problems since she was a kid. There seemed to be no end in site during this tough issue that effect other aspects of her life. Many times she did not believe that she would get well. She had seen many doctors and was ready to call it quits and just limit her life. Then in a priesthood blessing she was encouraged to continue to press forward in faith and was told that the Lord had a plan. Shortly after she finally found a doctor across the country that was studying and testing a cure for her specific disease. She joined his new study and through that was able to heal not only the one nasal problem but the other issues she was having. 
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths. 
~Proverbs 3:5-6
I know that when we trust in his will for us we are comforted and directed. Many times I moved forward or acted from promptings or just moved because it was all I could do without know what was going to become of something. Then down the road I realized I was being prepared for something better or in a happier place because of those experiences. Little did I know and I still relearn that His hand is in everything. 
Does that make sense?

Okay so there is your first Positive Post. Now go out there and be happy. 

Here is a fun song I heard for the first time this week that brightened up my day. 

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