Thursday, May 30, 2013


I haven't had bangs, or fringe as my boss calls them (is that the new thing or just him), since I was really little. I was told I had a tall forehead and should have bangs but I had a cow-lick so they never really worked with me. I guess a girl can grow out of cow-licks. LOL 

So I have been plotting these bangs for well over a season and looked at a few different pics of how I wanted to take this. Check out my pinterest page for a few samples, oh yeah I joined that bandwagon, crazy right. I was thrilled when I got them, then not so sure. It took a few days of styling to really appreciate them. Now I love them. I can wear them on the side, my preference, or in the middle. I want them to be a tad longer to really work with them. It is a nice change to the same old same old. 


  1. I happen to think you're beautiful regardless, but I love the bangs/fringe!


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