Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

My first real Mother's Day!

My Second Mother's Day

 Classic pose for us until he gets too big for it. At the rate he is going our roles in this pose may be reversed. 

My Mom on Mother's Day (with my Dad)

These days I am learning more and more things she has and still does for me. 

I love my Mom so much. 
I love being a Mom so so much. 
I love all the women out there who have been my "Moms" throughout all my life. They have encouraged, loved, and inspired me without evening knowing. 
Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Great pictures! Can you believe that we were so busy on Mothers day that I didn't get any pictures with my boys? Boo!

  2. Will you come up here and remind us to take pictures more? I have not taken ONE PICTURE since getting off Facebook. :(


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