Thursday, August 2, 2012

6 Months

Roan is 6 months old. I see him and am amazed at how different he is compared to his first few months. 
It is a joy to watch him develop and discover all that is around him.

Weight 17 lbs and 13.2 oz (50th percentile)
Height 2'4.5" (100th percentile)
In other words our boy us really tall and skinny

I cannot get over how huge his feet have gotten. 

He broke two teeth on the bottom. I kept saying he was teething when he wasn't and then he finally did. So far he hasn't been too bad with it. He just screams a little more often and gets in these crazy moody at times. He does put any and everything in his mouth and he will wave his arms around and try to grab things. When you hold him he will hold the back of your neck or suck on your shoulder or legs.
This little boy is putting everything in his mouth
That is his binky in his mouth. He can put it entirely in his mouth and even close his mouth. Chocking hazard I know, I rather he do it with an orange. I guess he is preparing to play "Chubby Bunny" 
He is a gabber still. He started saying da da da and recently ba ba ba. Roan must think everything is hilarious because he laughs at everything we do and has a high pitched squeal. It is very high pitched that it hurts sometimes, especially if you are right next to him.
Discovering things is so cool. Roan always takes time to look up and admire the trees and ceiling fans. 
Roan is now in his own room. He was too loud of a sleeper for us to take so we moved him. He was sleeping through the night and then once the teething got serious and his first cold hit that stopped abruptly. He was getting up once or twice but recently just gets up once a night every few days. It used to be just a little whiney, "wahhh I am awake and hungry, give me my binky". Now it is "AHHHHHH loud cry. I am gonna die if I don't eat NOW!" I love every minute of it. I sing to him at night while I feed him and I think I sound hilarious with my tired version of Give Said the Little Stream. I also made up a techno song about pajamas. It rocked! Roan sleeps on his side all the time now. We wrap him up and his feet go up and he plops over. I think I might have to get some bumpers soon because when he is loosely wrapped he flings himself all over the crib.
Happy little dude with cool hair
He did have his first cold. Started out as a runny nose and turned into sleepless nights. I gave him vicks to clear up his nose and at one time we gave him some advil. The snot was never ending. A few times he swallowed it. He hates the bubble thingy that we use to pull it out with and I hate snot. I will take poo any day, but snot is gross and baby snot is like rubber cement, it sticks to your fingers for years. SO Lars takes care of the snot and I take care of the poo. He got over it in about 5 days and by then I had the cold passed to me and of course it took me 10 days to get over it. The worst part for me was the lack of sleep. I was up most of the night with him then working full time. Most of the time I came home and crashed and then would sleep almost all weekend long. Hooray for immunity's.
Playing with his food. 
He has eaten rice, oatmeal, green beans, peas, and squash
All in one weekend he got teeth, got his own room, and started eating solids. It was a crazy emotional weekend for me. At first the solid eating was very messy. I do let him play with his food often so he can get used to the texture and have fun. Now he is a cleaner eater. :) I think peas are his favorite so far. I have to say that I kinda hate the solid food poop. I was so cool with it when it was only breast-milk. Now it smells beyond belief. Who would have thought that a poo the size of a dime smells like a mountain of poop. Oh well. I know this comes with the territory and it is so worth it so I will get over it.

I love dressing him up in sweet little outfits. Sometimes I purposely mismatch him to test the looks from society. I mostly keep him dressed up fairly nice. 
First time swimming with Dad on the 4th of July
Roan won first prize at our Ward Pioneer Day Pancake Breakfast costume contest
He dressed up as a cowboy and I was a Pioneer
Fastest cutie pie in the West
Later he and Dane took a ride in a wagon :)

Roan Rash-For a month or so Roan had this crazy dry skin issue that would leave and rotate back in. So dry to the point that he would bleed in places. I used lotion and other creams and it all made it worse. So we stopped using everything. The doctor gave us some ointment and oil and the dry rash vanished in two days. We are going to dry lotion again and see what happens. His skin is so soft and smooth again. I am just glad it is no longer red and itchy. He was fine either way but I think he is happier and itching less.
(please note the 2 bottom teeth-so far he is not a vampire and doesn't bite)

His favorite toy at his sitters house is a tambourine. As soon as we walk through the door he leaps towards the play area where the toys are and goes nuts on this toy. While his friend Dane jams out on the drums. They started a little band. :) He also loves puppets and has this hilarious laugh when you play peek-a-boo with a toy or a puppet. We have given him the hiccups so many times from making him laugh too long and too quickly. 
In Review:
Roan likes:
-Trees and ceiling fans
-Rough housing
-His friend and band mate Dane
-chewing on things
People say:
-He is so cute
-He has the best hair
-What is wrong with his face? (I respond with, "what's wrong with yours?")
-He is sooo happy
He dislikes:
-Snot bubble thingy
-dry skin
I love these boys so much. They are growing up to be a couple of awesome nerds/geeks. 

This little boy is the best. I am so proud to be his Mom. He is so aware of everything around him, sometimes I am sad that I am not the only thing that amuses him anymore. But I am so excited for this beautiful world that he is discovering. I can't wait to show him more of it.

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