Friday, August 31, 2012

Sugarless September

Today is my last day of freedom for tomorrow I shall surely die.


For I have committed myself to a sugar free diet for the entire month of September.
No candy,
no soda (this has not been a problem since I don't drink much since being pregos),
no more sticking my finger in the frosting jar right after dinner,
(don't judge-I keep a jar of frosting in the fridge for that reason, sometimes we need a little something sweet after a delicious savory dinner. A finger full is all I need.)
no cookie, cake, or pies,
no ice cream (this one will be the hardest),
no cereal,
no brownies,
no chocolate,
& no fruit (because we are mainly cutting out fructose),
no anything with fructose

You might be surprised how many things have fructose in them.

It will be hard but I think this will be a good push in my quest to get my body back goal. I am gonna try and get to my prewedding weight.

SO what will I be eating. Mainly vegetables and meat. Hoping to cut back on bread too. Wish me luck!

If you have any fun sugarless recipes you would like to share I am open.

Tonight I will end my night with some yogurt then in 30 days we will break this fast on Lars birthday with a big fat piece of chocolate cake and a side of ice cream smothered in hot fudge and carmel.
It will be an epic meal time for sure. :) 


  1. Last year I was sugar free for 21 days and ended it on Easter with a bunch of desserts and then got so incredibly sick. So be careful commingled off of your diet. Take it slow. Good luck!

  2. Agreed the sudden of sugar after not having it you'll be miserable and I hate to say it's not gonna taste as good as you remember.


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